Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bounce Pass Drill #2

1. You and a partner should be on opposite sides of the free-throw line and facing each other.
2. When ready, both of you can side-step up and down the court while bounce-passing the ball back and forth to each other. (It is important this is a side-step; do not cross your feet over! It may cause you to trip and lose possession of the ball)
3. Take breaks when needed.

There are several benefits to this drill. Obviously, the more practice one has performing a skill, the more automatic the skill will become for the player. This can also simulate a more game-like experience because you are moving towards and away from the basket. This drill also promotes teamwork and gets players acquainted with their teammates ability and style of play. In this video, you see the man on the left takes longer strides because of his height. The man on the right seems to have better control, probably due to having more experience. This drill is a good basis for more detailed passing drills. You could progress to adding obstacles to pass around, changing the angles you attack the net, and eventually put actual defenders into the drill.

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