Thursday, September 23, 2010


- Bring ball back to chest (like you're spring loading your arms)
- Lean forward at the hip
- Lift your leg in preparation for a forward step
            - you will be stepping towards your target
            - your step should be either with your dominant foot
            - or with the foot opposite from the side you may have recieved the ball.

Scientific Terminology:
- Bring the ball bask towards the midline in your chest
- Flex at the hip to lean forward along the mediolateral axis of rotation
- Elevate your leg in preparation for a forward step.
            - you will be stepping so make sure you are dorsiflexing for foot
            - your step should be from the contralateral you have received the ball from.

Midline: an imaginary line which runs from head-to-toe that splits the body into equal left and right sides.
Elevation: to lift up or make higher : raise <elevate a patient's leg> <exercises that elevate the heart rate>
Dorsiflexion: flexing your foot upwards.  Bringing your toes towards your shin.
Contralateral: on the opposite side of a reference point. In this case, the reference point is the side you recieved the ball from.

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